Weekly Group

Coming to this group will give you a very rich experience: you will not only experience my work with you and others in the group, but also witness other people’s challenges and development, learn with them and give and receive support.

The group is held in a very warm and appreciative atmosphere. Everybody is welcome with whatever may concern you. The group is held in English and takes place on Wednesday afternoons.

If you are interested, please contact me in advance for an initial meeting, where we can get to know each other and find out, whether the group is a good place for you. The initial meeting is one-on-one with me, lasts 60 mins and costs 90€.

The advantages of a group over one-on-one therapy are:

  • A lower fee for more hours of therapy.
    (Currently 50€ for 2hrs in the group setting.)
  • Many of our greatest fears include what other people may think or do, if we…
    In this group, you have the opportunity to approach and confront your fears step by step in a warmly held atmosphere.
  • You get the chance to listen to what concerns other people have. In listening to others there is a lot to learn about life and also about people and yourself. We all have more or less similar experiences and if one person in the group goes through something and shares it, you will profit from it. Either because you have gone through something similar in the past and understand it better now or you will learn for the future, when you might be in a similar position one day.
  • Almost everybody feels lonely once in a while. It is a very unique experience to share your current loneliness with a group. Can you really feel lonely, while you are sharing it with a group of people who care?
  • You will meet like-minded people who want to change something in their lives.
  • You will have the opportunity to support others, which can be a very joyful experience.
  • While it may be more difficult to get a one-on-one therapy spot with me, there may be spots open in the group. Just contact me and find out.

Getting in touch

Do you have any questions
or would you like to make
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