Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is a very supportive approach, offering the chance to experiment, be yourself and grow in a warm and safe environment.

Gestalt therapy focuses on you as a human being and recognizes that you and everything you are experiencing is okay and essentially human. In contrast to most other forms of psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy does not label you with a diagnosis and does not want to treat „your illness“.

Rather, Gestalt therapy opens up a safe space in which you can experience and experiment. It supports you in becoming more aware of what you are thinking, feeling and sensing. That way you get to know yourself better, make the choices you really want and grow into the person you truly are. It’s not about becoming someone completely different, but rather about discovering who you are deep down and finding your way of expressing that.

It is a unique and wonderful journey, challenging at times yet truly rewarding. I’m encouraging you to embark and am looking forward to travelling with you.

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