Are you looking for
emotional support and
ways to regain your strength?

Would you like to get
to know yourself better
and create your life as
you want it to be?

Are you looking for
therapy and are not sure
which one is best for you?

Are you in a difficult
situation and need
someone to talk to?

Are you faced with an
important decision and
want support
to find your way?

Are you feeling lonely
and looking for new
ways to connect with others?

Whether one of these issues concerns you or something completely different is on your mind, you are very welcome to contact me anytime.

I’m offering psychotherapy and counseling in English and German, both in person and on the phone. Additionally, I provide information on different forms of psychotherapy and counseling.

Getting in touch

Do you have any questions
or would you like to make
an appointment? I'm looking
forward to hearing from you!